Molon Labe Simm Policies

Created by Commander Kenneth Lawe on 22 Feb 2016 @ 9:53am

What's the difference? Well, violations of rules poses a danger of removal from the simm. Violation of policies does not, unless it's also a rule violation.

Information presented here should be considered OOC.

Notes Tab on Bio Form:

There is a section on the character's bio form called "notes". This is an area where players can keep OOC information for their character. At this time it can only be updated through the 'edit character' function, though I think there are changes to that in Nova 3. It is also, unfortunately, visible to everyone that can look at the character. It is considered to be OOC knowledge and may not be used IC by any other player unless it is information they were able to obtain IC!

Weapons Aboard Ship:

Unless you are an authorized member of a fugitive recovery unit, or have obtained express permission from the simm CO, you may not generally carry weapons aboard the ship! This includes any type of weapon, including knives, swords, dirks, etc. No, I do not care what your cultural background is, you have chosen to create a character that is a Starfleet member and therefore Starfleet rules trump any nonsensical 'cultural obligation' arguments. Yes, this does include security personnel as well!

Characters may, of course, carry weapons for the purpose of a post but that authorization is limited to those posts where it is necessary for a weapon, i.e. going to and from quarters for bat'leth training, phaser recertification training, ship boarder reppellant, etc. However, no character, unless otherwise authorized, will be allowed to carry weapons for any general duty or day to day operations. The weapons that are carried will also be limited to that character's function (i.e. brig officers will not carry firearms while on duty, but may have alternative, less than lethal options such as the TASER equivelant).

For IC purposes, Security will be authorized to detain, arrest and charge anyone in violation of this policy and forward reports of such detention, arrests and charges to the ship CO for review and adjudication. IC consequences may then apply.

Just remember, we are a Federation of Planets Starfleet vessel, not a bandit ship!

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