Uniform Considerations

Created by Commander Kenneth Lawe on 21 Feb 2016 @ 7:55pm

Notes regarding uniform considerations will be coming soon.

The crew uniforms will have a variant uniform that they may opt to wear.

Molon Labe Authorized Alternate Uniforms

Please note the 'tactical red' uniform would be in gold. Tactical officers aboard the Molon Labe are for ship to ship combat and have no need of this uniform

However, those qualified and trained in fugitive recovery/high risk extractions will be authorized to wear the full variant tactical uniforms as their uniform of the day. Others in the security department may wear the variant uniform and tactical vest as a uniform of the day only. They may wear the full variant as may be necessary for security assignments (ship to ship boarding, inspections, away missions, etc.) Unless other special permissions are granted by teh CO.

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