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From Alpha to Commander

Posted on 14 Mar 2016 @ 1:10pm by Commander Kenneth Lawe

Mission: Drydock
Timeline: -5 Weeks

Ken checked his PADD again, just to make sure. He had the potential first for his Fugitive retrieval teams. Right now, he would be assigned three to the ship, each with their own orders or fugitives to hunt down or they could be combined for more high profile cases.

But, part of the ship's commanding officer, was saddened to see this. It really meant that his field time was coming to an end and he'd have to watch others go out to have the fun.

Sighing at the bittersweet manner of meeting the potential crew, he kept going until he reached his office, minutes ahead of the scheduled meeting. While he didn't have the details of the entire team, he would be meeting with their team leader to discover if they would be a right fight for him, his command and the Delta Quadrant.

Therein would be the hub, they'll be operating in a lot of areas where the Federation may not have, technically, jurisdiction.

"Come," he called as the door chimed. "Ah, Phoenix," he said as the man came into the office. "Thanks for stopping by, sorry about the mess but I'm in the process of getting the crew, well, crewed and I'm not really invested in this office."

He gestured to a chair across from the scattered desk. "Help yourself from the replicator if you wish."

Michael nodded as he took a chair. He leaned back, looking at Ken, "I can understand that, sir, I do hope things are going well in getting the ship crewed and finding us someone to go find." He smiled, "It will be fun to go hunting again," he said to Ken.

"You should have lots of fun with the hunting, considering how wide open the Delta Quadrant is," Ken said. "Do you have a problem being stationed in the Delta Quadrant? Family commitments? Houseplants that you can't foster off on unsuspecting friends and acquaintances?"

"Everything is clear for me, sir. My parents have all my things as of now and I have no kids that I know of," he said. "As for houseplants, no they always die on me," he said with a smile.

"Well, I guess it's good we're not a botanist ship then," Ken said, smiling. "Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself, Phoenix. Something not immediately available in the files. After all, I'm going to need to know my team leaders are capable of operating independently without causing a lot of problems. We will be operating outside of secured Federation jurisdiction."

"Well my family has served the Federation for many generations," Michael said as he leaned up. "Mostly in the marines though, that is what I went into the Academy for also," he said. "But a few years after the Academy I changed to Fleet. I was spec ops for a while, most of my hunting I learned from my father," Michael said. "He is a General in charge of Hope Colony," he told Lawe.

Ken held back his comments regarding the man's lineage. It wasn't important, now and hopefully would never be important. "Which tells me that you should have a firm grasp of the boundaries under which you'll have to work. What is it that drew you to fugitive recovery?" Ken asked, genuinely interested. For many the idea of the 'special teams' meant covert ops, or special operations, like Phoenix stated. For a lot, they though fugitive recovery was a bunch of gun play, busting through doors and other action holovid cliches. When it involved a lot of investigation, paperwork, long boring stretches of waiting and maybe, every once in a while, they got the fun stuff. Many did their minimum tour then cycled out because of their view of it as 'unremitting boredom'.

"Many of the ones that are out there are a danger to us as a whole if they stay free. They may hurt or even kill someone. My mother is a JAG lawyer," he said. "I will hunt anyone and everyone that has done wrong to our way of life even if they were a brother or sister to us."

"While keeping in mind that the Federation standard is still innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?" Ken wanted to make sure to clarify. "And your role is to merely lawfully apprehend, not decide on that guilt or innocence? We're going to have an onboard court complex with its own magistrate, I don't need to be dealing with a pissed off judge under my own roof."

Michael nodded. "I know the job sir, I am to go out and apprehend the person or persons and bring them back here no more no less," he said to Lawe.

"Good to know," Lawe said. "You good to get started? The ship isn't ready for launch, but that doesn't mean we're not getting tasked. Still plenty of people in the cosmic neighborhood who think they can run and hide."

"Ready to start," he said with a smile. " I'm sure I can find something for my team to do until we leave the station," he added as he leaned up in the chair. " I also need to see if they can shoot the broadside of a barn."

"Don't get too far out," Ken said. "You may be assigned to the Labe but that doesn't mean you're getting five weeks of shore leave. I'm sure you'll get some more assignments thrown your way."

"I'm pretty sure I will be kept, busy sir and if I got that many weeks of leave I would be very bored," he smiled.

"In that case, I'll do my best to keep you from being bored," Lawe said as he checked his chrono. "I'm sorry to be this way, but I'm late for another meeting with crew. I'll get back to you and start working on getting yourself set up on the ship and for our future missions. In the meantime, whatever you need, see the HQ QM to get you and your team settled."

"I understand, sir, " Michael said standing up he smiled before making his way out of the room he was ready to meet his team to see what was needed before he went to see the quartermaster.


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