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Blinded With Science

Posted on 06 Apr 2016 @ 12:47pm by Commander Kenneth Lawe

Mission: Drydock
Location: Tahoe, Earth
Timeline: -6Weeks from Launch

Ken glanced at the deplorable amount of runny chocolate shake left in his glass and considered ordering another.

His most interesting meeting of the day was coming up, and he was glad he had this window of opportunity to have it.

A science officer applied. It wasn't going to be a large department, but Haral had expertise in astrometrics and that would definitely be helpful, especially in a portion of the galaxy still largely unknown to the Federation.

Plus, a Cardassian. Not an exchange officer, but a Cardassian that actually applied to and joined Starfleet. While he was sure there would be some who grumbled over the loyalty of a Cardassian on the ship, Ken was less concerned. He inherited his mother's abilities and if she were to be anything other than what her record said she was, he'd know.

Besides, a law enforcement ship would be the last place for any turncoat to want to be on.

'Looks like my promotion was turned over.' she thought looking at her record.

'Either someone HQ still has issues with Cardassians or at some point in my past has caught up too me. Which for the life of me, I can't recall of anything I did wrong'

The shuttle craft she was in piloted through void, then proceed to land. It was after all an short trip from Starfleet HQ, which, a transporter would have done quicker. however, being a woman of science as she was trained to be, she always found in more interesting to use a shuttle when possible and to enjoy the terrain view ports offer.

As the side hatch opened, the woman who didn't see any action of the Dominion War due to her duty station and now a enjoying her time and service in Starfleet, was walking up to the office of her new assign commander.

The officer, or at else the complex itself, was a buzz. Various people from earth and those of Federation, busied themselves with their various concern and duties. Some time before this meeting, Nelissa, had gone to an small town in Texas. She had read up on her new assignment and she felt an need to visit Texas. For she not only read, but, heard tales of a group of law men and women called Texas Rangers who did similar action for the state of Texas and they went into other states to track on bad men and women.

However, she also thought to the US Marshals as well, but, their past wasn't bright as the Texas Rangers.

"Excuse me" asked the Cardassian Science officer "I'm looking for Commander Lawe's office

When she got her answer. She thank the receptionist and proceed to her new commanding officer's office. An lift ride later, she stood out in front of Lawe's office and looked at the Trill who sat at her desk working.

"Sorry to interrupt you, but I'm Nelissa Haral to see Commander Lawe" stating pleasantly to the young trill officer

"One second, ma'am" she turned slight and pressed an button to contact Commander Lawe.

Ken looked up, realizing he was lost in thought while gazing over the lake, one of his favorite places in the galaxy. Perhaps at the end of his duty shift he would come back and go for a run on one of the trails, or maybe even a swim in the glacial fed lake.

"Go," he said.

"Sir, Haral is here for her appointment," the Trill said, smiling at the Cardassian officer.

Ken frowned. Did he forget to tell the science officer to meet him in Tahoe? "Understood, please have her use the office transporter to meet me here," he said, sure the attache had the coordinates. "It's such a nicer place to meet."

"Aye, sir," the Yeoman said, then closed the channel. "The transporter is just around the corner. I'll have it set to the correct coordinates. You'll love it, mountains, blue lake. Just beautiful."

Haral smiled and nodded her head as she walked to the transporter pads.

Ken stood as he saw the officer walking materializing onto the reserved balcony overlooking Lake Tahoe and it's shimmering, deep sapphire waters.

"Lovely sight, if I do say so, sir," stated the Cardassian woman once the rematerialization was finished and she looked to see the lake and mountains.

"I believe it's one of the reasons my family and the other Betazoid staff settled in the area. While Betazoid is a bit more humid and more jungle, this area does remind me of the lakes near my childhood home. I tend to come here whenever I return to Earth, to recharge and remind myself of the beauty of the galaxy. Please, have a seat," Ken said indicating the chair opposite the table. "I'm curious to learn about you. Do I presume correctly that you are not a Cardassian exchange?"

"You are correct sir." returned Nelissa as she took a seat "I am an Federation member and not an exchange. Beauty of the galaxy has so many places for us to relax and recharge and help focus the mind. But, even in space, there lay beauty in the dust and particles and have the same effect as the lake before us. Yet, Humanoids, are drawn to places such as this place and I believe it's coded into our DNA. But that's just a idea I just came up with.

"As for myself, I don't have a place like this. I did at one time, but, as you can guess it's no more. But, I have found others in my time," Nelissa finished he statement.

"Home is where you make it, or so I've been told a few times. Most notably by my father when we left Betazed and came to Earth because of work concerns. I'm more curious, though, why you chose the Labe for an assignment? We're not going to be a particulary research-y ship. Most of our assignments and missions will revolve around criminal apprehension or criminal investigation. Your staff will be limited in order to make room for staff that is of greater necessity to our overall mission."

"Indeed" returning the opening statement, then following it with "I choose the Labe because, why not. What came to mind when I reviewed the data about the Labe it's a CSI type thing. Your going to have men and women on the ground tracking down all sort of criminals, while, those of the science type mind set, dwell deep into the five Ws and how. Which, will free up the heavy hitters, say in Security, less brain sweat, I believe the term goes? Which, suits me fine. I have been assigned to small station with limited science needs, well, minus the Starfleet stations of course."

"That's a very good point," Lawe said, impressed with the answer. "I'm glad to have you aboard, but I can't be sure to say the same for others. I will promise, however, that actions taken because of your Cardassian heritage will be met with the full brunt of my fury over it. Do you have any questions or concerns you'd like to bring up?"

Haral shook her head from one side to another "No sir, there isn't any questions and thank you."

"Alright then, Lieutenant," Ken said, "I'll see you aboard ship. I'll leave building the department up to you at this point."


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