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Gather up the Posse

Posted on 02 Mar 2017 @ 10:27pm by Commander Kenneth Lawe & Lieutenant JG Iari Eolical & Lieutenant Victor Reynolds

Mission: RAWHIDE!
Location: Molon Labe Offices - Drydock

Ken sat in the lead chair of the conference room and leaned back as he set the PaDD on the table.

He liked what he did, he really did. But there were times he wished he didn't have to do what he did. Not when it came to a Starfleet officer. Though, looking over the record of the officer attached to this particular warrant, Ken had less reservations. Seemed the guy was trouble and a malcontent from his entry to the Academy. Why he was even allowed to remain was something of a mystery.

But, he had a proper warrant, authorized and everything, and his job wasn't to question the rightness of it. That was a job for the courts. Ken's job was to carry out execution of the warrant.

To that end, he needed to look through his resources. They were still only just launched and the promised crews and resources were not yet his. This assignment would hold off on their departure for the Delta Quadrant for some time, but that was okay with Ken. Gave him another last chance to see Earth before he was shunted to the other side of the galaxy.

"Computer, contact Lieutenant Reynolds and Lieutenant Eolical and have them report to the conference room for briefing."

Several minutes later, the door to the conference room opened to let Eolical in, "Captain," she greeted while heading over to the table. She didn't take a seat yet.

Ken scowled at the spook, wondering why the Andanian was just standing there when there were perfectly good and supremely comfortable chairs in which to sit. Then the thought struck him and he waved his hand at the table. "Have a seat, Lieutenant, we're cops first, Starfleet after that."

Vic strolled in shortly after that, plopping into a seat next to the Captain as Iari settled into a chair opposite, "Sir." he said giving him a big grin.

"There's no food at this meeting, Reynolds," Lawe said with a grin as he passed PaDDs to the two. "Unfortunately, Starfleet still hasn't returned our fugitive teams to us, so this will be on us. Which is okay, I want to go after this one myself, considering his record. Our warrant is for Lieutenant Reginald Hawthorne," Ken said as he pointed at the viewscreen that showed the quarry's service photo and record. "Seems he's been misbehaving and making some pretty highups miserable."

"Am I detecting a hint of redneck?" Vic asked looking at the image displayed.

"I'm pretty sure I don't know what color his neck is," Ken said, frowning at the unknown-to-him reference. "Just that he comes from somewhere called 'Montana' and hangs out in low-rent dive bars in his off time; we'll start looking there."

Iari studied the picture, "What's his last known location?"

Ken glanced at his PaDD. "The Vanguard which was his last assignment. That ship is in drydock at the moment, for refit and some repairs that were apparently caused by some drunk polar bear and an ancient artifact." Ken stopped to blink a few times to see if he had read that correctly.

"So, none of that actually makes any sense to me right now. I'll need a little time with this information and I'll come up with something that has some coordinates in it," Iari suggested.

"What?" Ken asked, looking up, "Oh, sorry, I was just realizing how I've never thought, in my life, would I use the phrase 'drunk polar bear and an ancient artifact.' The Vanguard was drydocked to Utopia Planetia at Mars. That would be a good place to start, Lieutenant. We'll be leaving in a couple hours, as it's just a short hop from here to there."

She gave him a strange look and a slow nod. "That is better information. I might be able to work with that a little faster," Iari added.

"Alright, let's get started then, and try to make this look good. I want to impress the brass, justify their faith in me, blah blah blah," Ken said as he began to gather up his items.


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