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Checking out the scenery

Posted on 06 Mar 2017 @ 4:22pm by Ensign Robert Norman & Lieutenant JG Iari Eolical
Edited on on 06 Mar 2017 @ 5:40pm

Mission: Drydock
Location: Molon Labe - crew lounge

Being the new kid on the block wouldn't be so hard, Iari thought to herself, because everyone was in the same boat, ship... pun... good pun. She had taken a few minutes to settle into her quarters before setting out to survey the remainder of the Molon Labe and came upon the lounge after some exploration.

The lounge was quiet except for one tender. Iari greeted him with a smile and placed a small order for food after he confirmed that people were coming through the lounge. In fact, he told her, the seat she had chosen was optimal for meeting additional crew as they filtered through.

Ensign Norman walked into the lounge and looked around. He went over to the bar to place an order, then his eyes fell on a young Lieutenant, sitting by herself. Norman slightly smiled and walked over to her. "Hello, would you mind if I joined you?" He asked.

"Not at all," she patted the seat next to her. "Where do you call home?" she opened the conversation.

After sitting down, Norman just smiled. " Now I call this," (Gesturing around the area, ) "Home. Before that I served on the Chaffee.. And you?"

Not ready to talk about herself, she deflected the question back, "Maybe I meant to ask, where do you come from? Earth?"

Norman smiled at her response, and replied. " Earth it is. And you?" He asked in return.

"Ardana," Iari answered. "You're pretty tall for a human. What'd you do? Forget to stop growing - or add extra fertilizer in your socks?"

Norman grinned at her comment. " Little of both, I'd guess. And you?"

"You think I'm tall?" She grabbed the glass the server had put down for Norman minutes earlier. Even though she knew he hadn't had anything to drink from it, she still gave it a smell. "You're not drunk, are you?" Iari asked with a wry smile.

Norman just continued to smile. " Nooooo, I was just curious as to wonder if someone had kept you in an vice to *stop* your growth."

"Well," Iari slid his drink back over and then took a sip of her own, "I might not be done growing yet."

Norman smiled again, and replied. " Great. I hate looking down too long."

A plate of food was set down for her. Before starting into it, she took a moment to pick it apart, looking for any ingredients considered objectionable. Finding none, she took a bite after asking, "What do you do here, on the ship?"

Norman moved his cheek around before answering. " I'm the 'Brig Officer.' And you, what part do you play in this great place?"

"Brig officer? How interesting is that on a day-to-day basis?" Iari asked.

"I guess it depends on what's happening."

Iari smirked, "So, not very interesting?"

Norman sat back before continuing. " It is interesting; I have to act in coordination with Security and many matters."

"Then, what do you get up to when you're not on duty. (Other than eating,)" she indicated that their conversation didn't count as an answer.

Norman smiled. " When I'm *not on duty?* Then I try to relax and let the World go by and watch."

"That sounds rather fitting when you're in space. Got something else that doesn't sound so generic?" Iari asked.

Norman sat back. " about you? You tell me something about *you,* and I'll do the same?" Norman ended with an wink.

"I would, but that's against my policy when talking to strange men," Iari winked.

Norman just grinned. " Well, we've been introduced; does that makes me *less* than an stranger?"

"Fair enough," Iari conceded. "I like finding different activities to do on the holodeck. One of my favorites is going swimming in a sea-side setting. Warm sun and gentle breezes are really tranquil and sometimes I like to see how long I can hold my breath while exploring what's under the water. Other times, I like to see how far I can swim before I have to shut down the program from exhaustion." She gave Norman an expectant look.

Norman smiled at that thought.. " Now..myself, I like to use the holo deck to just hit the beach and relax in an hammock, listening to the tide come in and go out, and feel the ocean breeze on my face. "

"Hm," there was judgement in that small sound.

Norman just slightly smiled. " 'Hmm?' That's all you can say?"

"Yep," she pushed her empty plate to the side. "I should probably get back to work. I'll see you around...?"

Norman got up from his seat. "Say.....would you be interested..sometime in the near future when we both have a break, possibly heading to the holo deck for a little sight seeing on a beach? Take a look under the water and then just let the sun's rays bask over us...separate hammocks, of course.. "

"That sounds like a date," Iari stood also and pushed her chair back into place.

Norman smiled. "Yes.... it *does.*" He replied.

She pointed to his collar, "I can't. I outrank you."

Norman looked a bit shocked. "Well, in the holo deck on the beach, there are no uniforms, or rank...and....I am and can be a 'gentleman.'"

"I'm sure," she replied critically. Again, she noticed how terribly tall he was, "But does a gentleman ask a woman to risk her Starfleet career over a few minutes of fun?"

Norman thought for an moment. "Well...we *could* go to the holo deck to check out star movements...?"

"Or you could let me say no gracefully and give me a chance to think about it. Instead, now I have to run out of here and hide for fear of you stalking me." She gave a short smile. "Good going, genius."

Norman sighed and shook his head.." Yeah, seems when ever I open my mouth to say something 'witty,' I keep lodging my foot in there. Never fear regarding my ' stalking' you, go ahead and say 'No, gracefully,' and I will depart and promise not to 'stalk you,' as well. "

"No," Iari said and promptly left.

Norman blew some air out from his cheeks. " Whew," He began. " Well.....guess it's popcorn, vids, a book, then sleep for this fellow tonight. "


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