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Incoming Spook

Posted on 31 Jan 2017 @ 6:08pm by Lieutenant JG Iari Eolical & Commander Kenneth Lawe
Edited on on 31 Jan 2017 @ 6:10pm

Mission: Drydock

Central Intelligence
San Francisco

The office was dark and cold in spite of the bright and sunny day on the other side of the windows. Sun-blind, Iari took her time to refocus on the Commander before answering, "Your work is easy, you just have to press a button."

"And that's why you're not a full lieutenant. Button pressed; here's your next assignment." Commander Lokana Dreesh passed a PADD. "Be on your best behavior."

Iari accepted the orders with a controlled smile, making it friendly as friendly as possible. "Yes, sir."


Though he had the same feeling about intelligence officers, or the 'spooks', that most service personnel did, Ken also realized that they could provide valuable information for their mission of hunting down fugitives and returning them to lawful custody. And, unlike some other ships on which he was stationed, the Labe wouldn't have a huge intelligence department. Still, the notification that he was being assigned an officer, rather than being allowed to choose from a field of qualified candidates didn't sit as well as he thought it should.

He was set to meet with the officer, someone with more vowels in her name than necessary, and was going through her record to determine what kind of officer he was being saddled before her arrival. But, before that, he picked up the chocolate shake and looked out the window of the borrowed office. At least there he had a fair glimpse of the Bay Bridge and the Bay beyond. It wasn't anything like the waters of Betazed - much too blue - nor like the sapphire waters of the Betazed conclave up near Tahoe. But it also didn't look over the souless lines of the plasticrete buildings that made up the city.

His meditations were interrupted as a buzzer announced the arrival of the officer. "Come in," he said in general, sure it was the intelligence officer reporting as ordered. Or something else requiring his attention.

"Sir," Iari greeted once she reached the commander's desk. "I believe you're expecting me; I'm Lieutenant jg Iari Eolical."

"Have a seat please," Ken said as he turned from the window to take his own. "Lieutenant Eolical," he said, trying out the pronunciation of her name as she gave it. "Tell me something about yourself, something not in the personnel record."

"That's a very vague and very general question," Iari settled further back into the chair, giving herself time to think as she considered the depths of her psyche she wanted to go to in order to satisfy her new commanding officer. Admitting to having a fear of the dark didn't feel like the right answer; instead, she answered, "I like smaller groups of people to interact with on a social level. Once there's more than four people in the room, I have a difficult time talking as there's too much listening to be done. What about you, Commander, what would you like to share?"

"That, as the commander, I get to ask very vague and very general questions. But since you seem to like more specific ones how about this: where do your loyalties lie in regards to the command structure?" Ken asked, keeping his tone flat as he looked over the young lady before him.

"Are you asking if I was sent to spy on you?" she checked for clarification.

"Not at all, if I were worried about that I have other resources that I would trust more with the truth of an answer. I'm asking, are your loyalties to this ship and crew, along with its mission, or do you somehow believe that as an intelligence officer your duty lies outside of 'normal' Starfleet protocol?"

Iari folded her hands primly on her lap, "If I believed I operated outside the rules and regulations of my immediate chain of command, I would have been kicked out of Intel a long time ago. I'll admit, I have made mistakes in the past; but nothing which endangered my crew mates." She shrugged while admitting, "Sometimes I can act childish... I'm serious when it comes to my work though; when it matters, you can count on me to provide you - and the crew - with the information needed to get the job done."

She reached up, tucking her hair behind her ear. "If you've ever been impaired by an Intel officer, they weren't doing their job correctly."

"I will have to agree with you on that score, but that does seem to be a common thread in those who are drawn to the 'spook' profession," Ken said as he sat back in the chair. "Though, intelligence reports will be very helpful in our mission here. Which will be, primarily, to hunt down and take back into custody fugitives and other criminals fleeing lawful justice."

"That's one of the main reasons I joined Starfleet," Iari answered.

"You joined Starfleet to catch criminals?" Ken asked, somewhat taken aback by that idea. Generally Starfleet wasn't known for its law enforcement efforts. More so, people who went into intelligence weren't known for law enforcement careers. They usually had more 'lofty' ideals.

Iari nodded, "I was fifteen when I started my first application to Starfleet but my father wouldn't let me submit it. All I wanted at that point was to go far, far away and I would have taken any job. But a series of events occurred afterwards which taught me a number of life lessons - including the joys of entrapping a figure of authority, a criminal, with their own recordings.

"So, my second application was more specific in my goals. I like to see bad people pay for their wrongdoing. And I'm patient. I will make sure the facts are there to back up a conviction."

"That sounds interesting," Ken said as he leaned forward, arms on his desk while he looked over the young woman in front of him. "You'll be receiving a brief soon about our number one priority right now. His name is Morag Kirn and he needs to be returned to the deep, dark hole from which he crawled. My office will always be open as much as I am. I hope you realize, I'm Betazed and proud of it?"

Iari carefully considered the man before her and said, "I'm certain, regardless of species, you're good at your job."

"I certainly hope so," Ken said, sure she missed the point entirely, but at least she was told. Sort of. In a legally weaselly way, of course. "And I'm hoping you're really great at your job and we'll have information regarding Kirn shortly?"

"I'll see what I can find," she confirmed.

"Thank you, I'll look forward to having more information," Ken said, standing.


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