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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Posted on 24 Feb 2017 @ 11:06pm by Commander Kenneth Lawe & Lieutenant Victor Reynolds

Mission: Drydock
Location: Lawe's Office

TO: Lieutenant Victor Reynolds
From: Commander Kenneth Lawe

RE: Fitness for Duty Status

Lieutenant Reynolds, you are hereby ordered to appear in Commander Kenneth Lawe's office at 0900 hours to answer charges that you are not fit for duty.

You may bring legal representation if you so desire.

Commander Kenneth Lawe.

Vic sighed, he knew what that was all about. He had been thinking over what happened between him and the counselor since their session the day prior. He had plenty of time since he wasn't allowed to go on duty. He felt bad for stringing her along the way he did but there was nothing he could do about it now and all he could do was take his lumps for his actions. He slipped into a fresh uniform and headed off to the Captain's office.

A quick turbo lift ride later he was outside of the door, he pushed the chime and awaited the go ahead to enter the meeting which decided his fate.

"Enter," Ken said as he cleared away his PaDD but left his desk terminal operational. Judging by the time there could only be one person requesting entrance to his office at this time. As the door opened, Ken looked up and noticed Reynolds was alone. Since he had not informed the commander he was bringing a representative on his own behalf, nor had anyone actually contacted him regarding the matter, Reynolds must have decided to forego that expressly written right. Which suited Ken just fine, they had a better chance of getting this taken care of without having a representative there.

"Reynolds, have a seat," Ken said, without much humor or warmth.

"Yes sir." he said sitting down looking Ken directly in the eye

"Let's get right to it and you can explain why I'm getting an ass chewing from a counselor regarding complete idiocy on your part?" Ken asked, sitting straight in his chair and holding his hands in front of him.

"Well, I didn't intent for this to happen. She was giving me my usual regulation required psych exam and I decided a little dramatic acting skill was in order, which looking back at it now was completely asinine on my part. She didn't take it the way I had thought she would have and flew off the handle the likes I've never seen anyone do before in a professional setting. She bared me from active duty and kicked me out of her office."

"The information presented by the counselor says differently," Ken said. "Not an accusation but rather a conflict of accounts. I can easily resolve that issue by checking the security footage so that's not an issue. What is at issue is your admission that you did lie your way through an official investigation, in this case an initial fitness for duty assessment."

Ken sighed. "Which leaves me very little choice in what I must do at this point."

"I wouldn't say lie, I exaggerated a bit but I did clear my story up at the end assuring her the events were mostly untrue."

"You still presented false information in an official capacity," Ken said. "And the Counselor is not at all happy about." Ken sighed as he leaned forward, tossing over a PaDD. "I'm not going to officially beach you, but your position has been suspended. You'll remain on as doing administrative work only - until such a time as the counselor reports that you are fit for duty. If that does not happen before we launch, then your position aboard this ship will be pulled and I'll be forced to fill it."

"So make good with the Counselor, sounds easy enough. I'm sorry to put you in this spot Captain. I didn't think it would lead to this." Vic said , wishing his wise ass attitude hadn't taken over.

"Just make it right," Lawe said, relaxing a bit. "And pray that none of the defense attorneys stationed on this ship gets ahold of this information otherwise your career in security will be guard duty on far distant outposts."

"That could have it's perks." Vic said with a smile.

Ken watched Reynolds for several long seconds without blinking. "I can arrange that for you, you know. I hear Hotha needs more sentries for the listening station there. And it's moving into it's spring time so it averages only eighty below."

"Only eighty below you say?? Real summer getaway." Vic said with a chuckle.

"Yep, for their short spring session. Summer is merely 70 below. Then it goes back to fall and gets really cold after that," Ken said with a half smile. "Though, since you seem to enjoy the notion so much, I'll start the paperwork on the transfer. Oh, and I understand replicators have a problem working there, so they subsist on just ration paks."

"Ahh no, you lost me there. Either I get massive feasts or nothing at all."

"Then I suggest you have a huge heaping of crow pie on your way to see the counselor," Ken said with a smile.

"I have pie to eat and I'm all out of crows sir, already ate them all." Vic replied returning the smile.

"That will be very disappointing to the ship's noncoms," Ken said. "But get to it, Lieutenant, so we can get to focusing on our mission."

"Yes sir, will there be anything else??" Vic asked, both apprehensive and anxious to put this blunder behind him.

"Not until the next time you're crawling on that carpet in front of the desk again," Ken said laughing. "But right now? No, just get this matter cleared up. I need my ship security officer to keep the fugitive teams in line."


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