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I Was Framed!

Posted on 24 Nov 2016 @ 1:55pm by Ensign Robert Norman & Lieutenant JG Carys Adler Ph.D. & Commander Kenneth Lawe & Lieutenant Victor Reynolds

Mission: Drydock
Location: Brig
Timeline: Straight On Til Morn

Brig Officer Robert Norman sat back in his chair and re-adjusted himself so he was more comfortable. From the back a bleary eyed individual was slowly waking up and shaking their head.

Lt. Duncle said, "Ohhh man..what happened..where am I?!?!?"

Ensign Norman got up from his seat and walked over to the cubicle housing the 'offender.'

Norman replied, " *You* are in the Brig, due to your disorderly conduct of the evening of the last."

The fellow shook his head and yelled out, " What?!?!?! "

Norman sighed before replying. " Last night, you and another certain individual, while on a break from duties, decided to ' tie one on.' After doing this, the two of you decided, for some reason known only to Security, to try and bash each other's heads in. The other fellow lost the fight and is currently in Sick Bay. *You,* on the other hand, were judged fit to serve your sentence for being drunk & disorderly, so here you are."

The fellow shook his head. " So, now what?"

Norman slightly smiled. " Well, you sit here for two days, and I get to watch you. Oh, and before you ask, breakfast is at 0700, lunch at 1200, and dinner at 1800. Now, I would appreciate your sitting down and keeping quiet, as some Officers will be making an Inspection of this facility soon, and I have to get back to my work."

Just then, the Brig entrance's door 'swooshed' open and the visitors arrived.

"Reynolds, make sure the report on the incident gets to me by noon today," Ken said as he led the way to the brig sector housing the officer from last night.

"Uh, sir Lieutenant Reynolds is out remember? I'm Ensign Oliver." Oliver responded

Ken glared at the ensign for a moment. "Well then, Olive, make sure the incident reports are forwarded to my office by noon today."

TAG Oliver

Ken glanced to make sure Adler was still with them, this tour was more for her benefit so that she would be familiar with the detention deck and its operations. Which would allow her to become better able to distinguish between real problems and those 'created' for the express purpose of attempting to deflect responsibility for their actions and not face time spent in detention.

"Is this Duncle?" Ken asked the nearest ensign that appeared to be a brig officer. Unfortunately he didn't know this particular officer as he'd yet to spend much time on the detention deck.

Norman stood up at attention. " Yes sir, it is. ' Norman, Robert, Ensign, assigned as Brig Officer, sir.' "

Ken stopped and watched the ensign for a moment before glancing to Adler and back. "Recent graduate, Ensign?" Ken asked, not sure how to account for the grinder behavior aboard a starship.

Norman responded to the Commander. "Yes sir, glad to be here too; seems I arrived in time to make sure everything here in my office is up and running." Norman looked around the area while commenting, then brought his eyes back to the Commander.

Carys stood beside Lawe quietly observing, eager to hear what Duncle had to say for himself.

"Very nice," Ken said, keeping his tone light and from shaking his head. He guessed he had yet another personnel file to read up on. "Where's Duncle? And what's his story while he's been in here?"

"According to the reports filed by the last security shift, Duncle had won a fight between himself and a fellow crewman by hitting him with a spanner across the head concussing him so bad it resulted in emergency surgery sir." Oliver responded.

"Ensign..." Ken said, snapping his fingers to try to remember what name he gave. "Norman, has he been read his rights? Assigned counsel yet?"

"Sir," Norman began, "The gentleman has just now woken up, and I have list of 'counsel candidates' for him to look over. I handed him a print out of his rights to read when he became conscious again. " Norman looked at Duncle. " Please read the sheet I have given to you, it will explain what rights you have regarding the charges filed against you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You've also been given an listing of council available to talk with. "

Duncle looked at Norman then at the paper on his bunk. " Ok..give me a few minutes."

Ken stared while he watched the exchange. Was this really happening? "Ensign, do you mind if I have a few words?" he asked, indicating that the Ensign should join him in a corner for a 'private' conversation.

Norman followed Ken over to a specific corner. " Sir, before you begin, I'd just like to note that the prisoner was briefed when he came in. I did read him his rights as an prisoner, and did contact an member of the Legal Department to serve as his council. It was after that he threw up on me and then collapsed. He's only regained consciousness."

"I'm going to presume this 'only regained consciousness' is the result of alcohol and not some injury from the fight because he was checked out by medical beforehand?" Ken asked, then continued on. "Also, this is not a standard Starfleet vessel, this is a law enforcement ship. You are here to ensure their safety and confinement until they obtain some legal release from custody. You are not a secretary nor are you a referral service. Leave the list of counselors for them to discover or the magistrate to assign. Once they obtain lawyers, their choices become much more limited. For example, with the charges I know about right now, Duncle could ask for a captain's mast rather than a court martial, but once he asks for legal representation, that choice becomes much more limited."

Norman took in some air before speaking. " Yes sir, he was checked out by Medical before incarceration and was," (Reading Medical report,) ' ..totally incapacitated via alcohol...' Norman continued to read. " ' Subject although incapacitated did manage to strike blindly out and give one Medical personnel a black eye, before collapsing. ' " Norman looked up from the report. " He's in the cell until he either calls and gets council and they decide what to do. Like you've said, my job is to keep him here until that happens and then what happens after that."

"I'll retake the issue with Medical that a medical clearance must accompany all offenders before they're allowed into the dentention center. We'll also probably assign a corpsman per shift in order to take care of other necessary medical problems as needed." Ken scratched his forehead.

"Ensign Olive," Ken said, "make sure this report also lands on my desk asap. Counselor, anything else you need?"

"Of course sir." Olive said , wishing Victor was back already.

Carys shook her head. "I can arrange a meeting with him later after he's sobered up a bit more just to make sure the alcohol isn't going to be an ongoing problem, but I'm good for now."

Duncle reached out and grabbed Norman's arm. " a joke for you." Norman looked at the group and shook his head before looking at Duncle. " Ok," Replied Norman. " What's the joke?" Duncle began to laugh. " Ok..ok.. ' What did Captain Kirk say when he walked into a bar? ' " Norman sighed. " I don't know - ' What did he say?" Duncle continued to laugh. " He said, 'Ow!' " Duncle collapsed on his bunk. Norman just shook his head.

"Would you like me notate horrible humor is present as well Captain?" Olive asked.

"I think perhaps we'd do the galaxy a favor by sending him on a one way trip through the airlock," Ken said, scowling. "Let me know when he's sober and conscious. I'm sure he'll love my sense of humor."

"Of Course Captain." Olive replied gesturing to Norman to pass word along.

Norman nodded an 'affirmative,' I'll let you know when he's awake and 'competent,' Captain."

"Then I think we're done here," Ken said as he led the other two out of the brig area.

Ensign Norman watched the trio walk out from the Brig Area, then sat back down at his desk.


Ensign Robert Norman
Brig Officer - Molon Labe


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