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Best Laid Plans of Cops and Robbers

Posted on 25 Feb 2016 @ 1:31pm by Commander Kenneth Lawe

Mission: Drydock
Location: Ceres III
Timeline: following "Throwing Back the Cover"

Ken threw his pack across the way onto a bench as he finished materializing onto the Robert Gates. "Well?" he asked as he made a beeline for the replicator. The shuttle they were using was too small for actual compartments, quarters and other unnecessary amenities such as a sonic shower, but ordering up several wet towels would allow him to sponge off the worst of the gunk.

"Dawson's working on the trace now. Shouldn't be too long," Forkner said as he turned away from the site of the naked teamleader. Unfortunately it wasn't the first time he saw the half-Betazoid naked. At least this time, like a few others, it was duty related. He had the near obsessive habit now of knocking before opening any doors behind which Lieutenant I'm Too Sexy For My Pants was waiting behind.

"Y'know," Dawnson said, "I haven't fully read those new alternative uniform orders that just came out, but I'm going to say right now, Lieutenant, I don't like them. Seems a bit...breezy to me. And smelly."

"Shut up, Petty Officer," Ken said as he wrapped the last towel around him and came over to the cockpit seat where Dawson was working. "What have you got?"

"A serious need for congestion, seriously, Lawe, what the hell did you jump into?"

"Wastewater tanks," Forkner said, unable to keep the smile out of his voice. "We've got news feeds coming in now. Seems your photo is about to go wide as the murderer of a senator's daughter."

"Great," Lawe said, trying to sponge off more of the smell before dressing. "Get Lettner-"

"Call already coming in," Forkner said as he hit the controls opening the comm channel. Lawe saw the brief glimpse of the curvature of the small world where the Ceres III colony was established three generations prior. It had done well for itself, unfortuantely, as with any other successful colony, the criminal element made its presence there as well. But, fortunately, it was a Federation colony so the hardship Lawe's team would have in carrying out this assignment was slightly lessened.

"Lieutenant," Lettner said, before clearing his throat as another person came into view. The graying at the temples, but still youthful and fit appearing government official balked only momentarily at Lawe while the lieutenant worked to quickly wrap a towel around him. Spending his latter teenage years on Earth, and all that time prior with his Terran family, Lawe understood Terran prudishness more than most Betazoids. "This is Magistrate Eichner. He is aware of our operation and the current problems. He's arranged to have the case moved to his chambers when and if it finally gets filed. He's also approved an apprehension warrant based on the evidence we provided regarding Kriplak's offenses. At this time, there are also various other warrants issued for many of Kriplik's associates, not just ours for his nephew."

"If some of those warrants are served in the course of your retrieval of the young man, we would be most appreciative," Eichner said, giving every impression he was trying to keep his eyes up, not wanting to see any portion of Lawe's unclothed torso or body.

"Understood, your honor," Lawe said. "Lettner, make sure all the legal filings are completed before you come back up. I don't fancy being on the same detention transport as those we're about to take down."

"Aye, sir," Lettner responded before the viewscreen showed the planet once more.

"Dawson?" Lawe asked.

"Should have the information ready by the time you get some clothes on," the petty officer responded as he worked the data on the screen. "Tracing quantum signatures isn't exactly my field of expertise. I'm about as good at it as you currently smell, boss."

"Just get it done," Lawe said, "or I'm going to rack in your bunk while you're on watch. See how you like that."

"Not one bit, Lieutenant," Dawson said. "Oh, hey, Lieutenant," he said, pulling an item from his pack next to him. He tossed it to Lawe.

Catching the item with one hand, Lawe looked at it. "Anti-deodorant?"

"Feel free to use the whole tube, I'll get another. In fact, don't hesitate to use the whole tube. At all. I encourage it."

"Get me that data, Dawson!" Lawe said as he went to the back to dress and prepare for when the data came through and they'd handle the raid to get Kriplak and - Lawe dearly hoped - Kriplik taken into custody.

It took him less than ten minutes to get dressed again, tacvest and drop holster, restraints and copies of the warrants on both a PADD and flimsies, less than lethal personal tools ready. He checked the seat and retention of his pistol to make sure it was good to go, knives were secured. When they finally hit 'go' on the raid, he'd have a rifle and a second pistol, a trauma med kit and helmet - all to do what he can to minimize risk and maximize returns. Not much differentiated him from his team now, except, well, he still smelled and new it.

But that was okay. He was ready to stink up somebody's day.

"Tell me we're good to go, Dawson," he said.

The petty officer nodded and indicated the mission control area where he'd uploaded the parameters. "Nice place they have, and look, even outdoor pools and a shower," Dawson said.

Lawe 'gibbsed' him as he came around to study what layout they had of the place. He was sure that the official records and plans weren't accurage. Secret passageways, hideyholes and cubbys were sure to be present, as well were chokepoints and fatal funnels planned into the design. The best they were going to do was a couple scans to check for guard positions, snipers and then...well...nobody every said their job wasn't easy.

"Lettner's signalling he's ready to return," Forkner said, working the shuttle's controls. The whine of the transporter brought the four man team back together.

"Alright," Lawe said as they gathered around the mission table to begin studying and planning their retrieval of the young man that went AWOL and ran straight to his crime boss uncles's compound. "We've got known noncomms in there, as well as some very bad guys. I want casualties to a minimum while retrieval to the max. The more we get for Ceres, the happier Command will be with their response."

"Oh, man!" Dawson said, "Not the customer satisfaction cards again!"

"You know how much Command loves those," Lawe said as he compiled all the information they had into the holographic interface. The compound stood out against the rest of the colony's outskirts, in a much nicer neighborhood that Lawe and his team usually went. It reminded him of the Betazoid gated community back on Earth where his family had a home.

He put such thoughts aside, it was time to get down to business.


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