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Psychoanalysis of the Third kind

Posted on 29 Oct 2016 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant Victor Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Carys Adler Ph.D.

Mission: Drydock
Location: Counselor's Office, Drydock
Timeline: Present

As with her previous interviewees, Carys had elected to read the bare minimum of Victor's history. She preferred to get to know the crew in real time as it were, and not be colored by another mental health professional's viewpoint. That said, she didn't like to go into interviews completely cold, and in this case, she was glad she didn't.

Not unlike the previous crewmembers she'd interviewed, Victor had seen more than his fair share of combat and had apparently developed the outspoken personality to match. She briefly wondered how that would affect his ability to take orders, particularly aboard the Molon Labe, as insubordination wouldn't just be an inconvenience, but could also result in guilty parties going free, or perhaps worse, innocent parties being convicted for crimes they didn't commit. Starfleet generally didn't support insubordination gladly, and the law enforcement community less so. As Chief of Security, it would fall to Victor to set an example, for better or worse.

Victor walked up to the Counselor's office and rang the chime. He hated doctors and more so shrinks. Get in multiple fire fights throughout your career resulting in nightmares and no one blinks an eye. Threaten to tear an annoying Ferengi a new lobe and everyone loses their minds and suddenly sensitivity training is a mandate or else.

"Come in," Carys replied, the doors to her office automatically opening on command. Recognizing Victor from his bio file, she came forward and offered her hand. "Hello, I'm Doctor Carys Adler. You must be Victor Reynolds. Please," and here she gestured for him to enter her office proper and take a seat in any one of her available chairs, "come in and make yourself comfortable."

"Thanks." Victor said with a smile as he took a seat, he was not looking forward to this.

Once he was seated, she offered, "As I've told your colleagues, I like to keep these meetings fairly casual. My goal is to get to know you and for you to get to know me a little, so if and when you ever did have a problem, you'd at least know who I was and what I was about if you ever wanted to talk. Before we get into things proper, may I get you something from the replicator?"

"A triple white russian wouldn't hurt." Vic said chuckling.

Carys chuckled. "I said this meeting was going to be 'casual,' not debauchery. Besides, are you saying you need to be tipsy or drunk to even talk to me?"

"No not at all, but it certainly helps!" Victor joked.

Adler chuckled. "Have all your previous psych evals been that difficult?"

"Only if I make them difficult, which is pretty much always." Victor said chuckling.

"Why is that?" Adler asked. Victor was taking a laid-back approach to this, but she truly wondered if that was just his way of trying to keep her from touching on anything painful.

"It's no fun if I just fork up what you want to hear, I like making people earn it." he said with a devilish smile.

"Oh?" Carys asked with a grin. "What is it you think I want to hear?"

"Touchy feely crap, things about my feeling and how happy I feel or lack there of. I know how the system works Counselor."

Carys' smile grew wider. "Tell me more about your understanding of the system."

Victor stared at her for a moment then blinked slowly."Truth be told I really wasnt expecting a follow up question to my answer," he said chuckling.

"You'll find I'm full of surprises," Carys replied with a grin. "So, care to tell me more about the system and what you know about it?" She wasn't about to let him off the hook so easily. He had started this line of inquiry, and now she was genuinely curious to see what it would reveal about him and perhaps the future of their professional relationship.

"I know certain answers lead to other questions which in turn lead to more answers which in the end give you a general consensus of my mental state and whether I'm fit for duty or not." Vic said with a smile.

Carys smiled mischievously. "Nice save." She paused for a moment, then said, "I get the real sense you and past therapists haven't seen eye to eye. I'm wondering if there's something specific you object to about the psych evaluation process?"

"Given our line of work, we can't always see things via the 'Federation standard' this results in us making decisions or choices that may be frowned upon by others, counselors especially, which results in my losing my cool and storming out of the room when."

"I see," Adler replied. It appeared Victor was used to being defensive around counselors and valued feeling right in his interactions with them. In that regard, it appeared there wasn't much discussion about his feelings, but rather his choices. "Will you give me an example of one of the choices or decisions you've made that was frowned upon by a counselor you interacted with?"

"It was during the war. There was a Ferengi who was extorting a small farming colony by doubling the cost of medical supplies right after they had gotten attacked by a Dominion raiding party. We showed up and I was in charge of the aid effort. This Ferengi decided to try and one up me by claiming trade exclusivity with the colony who clearly needed help. We got into a heated argument and he tried swinging on me when I called him a cheapskate for robbing these people of their money. I smashed his little face in with the butt of my phaser rifle and began to distribute his supplies to the colony. While they were grateful command wasn't so loving and they tried to get me on assault and theft of his supplies. Once I explained myself and what happened they relaxed a bit but I was still restricted to quarters for six months due to the incident."

"You believed you had done nothing wrong and should have been punished?" Adler asked evenly.

"More like nothing should have come of it at all given the circumstances, but yet again that's the grey area I'm speaking

"So just to clarify," Adler began, "you believe you did something wrong, you just don't believe you should have been punished for it?" Carys wanted to get better insight into Victor's way of thinking by gathering specifics. She didn't want to be accused of putting words in his mouth or making assumptions.

"Look, kicking that Ferengi's ass was probably a bit much but robbing those people blind was definitely worse. If other people saw it that way, then maybe it wouldn't have been as big a deal as they made it."

"I think we can both agree for the sake of argument what that Ferengi did was not right," Adler began, "so let's put that issue aside for now. You mentioned punching him was probably a bit much. Tell me more about that. Why do you think it was probably a bit much?"

"I broke his jaw in 2 place and fractured his eye socket with one hard hit. The brass wasn't too happy about that."

"How did you feel after causing those injuries?" She was truly trying to ascertain whether he actually believed he went too far or if he was only saying that because it resulted in a lecture by the brass.

"In the sense of justice for those people, I think it was fair. But I let my anger get the best of me so which was not OK, and if I had to do it again I probably wouldn't have hit him that hard." Vic said with a small chuckle.

"So you're saying if you had it to do over again, you still would've hit him, just not as hard?" Carys asked.

"Exactly." Vic retorted.

Given Victor's previous answers, she wasn't entirely surprised by his latest one, but Carys had to admit, she was still troubled by it. As she had discussed with the Captain, despite the attitudes that sometimes shaped the views of those in law enforcement, the crew of this vessel was still expected to behave in accordance with Federation law and Starfleet regulations. There could be no room for macho men and women whose only real regret was he or she hit someone a little too hard. No thought had been given to what obligation he had to keep his temper in check, which suggested he held other people responsible for his reactions. Given the stresses of this job and no doubt what would be constant attempts at provocation, Adler wasn't sure Victor understood the magnitude of what he was saying, or that she had the resources to ensure that he did.

"So, once again, just to clarify... You don't think going too far was allowing your buttons to be pushed in the first place. You don't think hitting him was wrong. You can acknowledge, once you were brought in front of the brass, that the only problem was that you hit too hard?"

Vic began to laugh, "Counselor, that's a fake story. I can assure you that would easily be an excessive force charge not to mention I highly doubt I'd be a department head if I got mad that easily. I do like my thrills and there was a Ferengi that was screwing people down on their luck but all we really did was find ways to legally take him down." He chuckled a little more, knowing he probably just made her mad, "I'm sorry to string you along Counselor its just fun for me. I was undercover for a year early in my career and I learned some really good acting skills which I seldom get to use on anyone. But you didn't get up and run out of the room which means you should be able to handle this lot no problem."

Adler wasn't happy, but it wasn't for the reasons Victor thought. "You're mistaken if you think all you've done is string me along, Lieutenant. What you've actually done is lied to me during an official psychological evaluation, which is meant to determine whether you are fit for service. I'm glad you enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate your admittedly underutilized acting skills because based on what you've done here today, I have serious doubts about whether you belong in law enforcement. It's good that you have acting as a backup. We're done here. Someone will be in touch."

Victor was unsure what to say, while he was satisfied he got the reaction he did he wasn't so sure he was happy about the last bit."Until next time Counselor, have a good day." he said with a smile as he walked out into freedom once more. The Captain was going to yell at him for sure on this one.

*Well, that was certainly unexpected,* Carys thought to herself as she headed over to her com terminal to request an emergency meeting with Lawe immediately. She also sent Reynolds a notice that he was not cleared for duty and he was not to report to duty unless and until he heard from her or another superior officer. In addition, she made a note of it in the computer so there was no confusion about his duty status.



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