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Breaking Free

Posted on 02 Aug 2016 @ 1:08am by Commander Kenneth Lawe & Lieutenant Victor Reynolds
Edited on on 09 Sep 2016 @ 1:10am

Mission: Drydock

Incoming communication: You are hereby ordered to report immediately to Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Lawe at the conference room located in his HQ office. Acknowledge receipt of this communication and eta for arrival.

"Automated messages?" Victor asked himself,"Acknowledged." he said sighing as he got up from his meal in the lounge and headed for the Captain's meeting.

Ken sent out the summons and then moved from his office to the floor's conference room. He was fortunate that he didn't have to worry about scheduling conflicts with anyone else on the floor, but he also didn't have the same support staff to help him set up either. But, he figured he had some time before the two men showed up, so he took full advantage of it to set up as much as he could for their assignment.

Morag Krin.

The more he found out about the man, the more he wanted to make sure to get him back into a deep, dark hole.

Michael picked up his PADD and coffee before leaving his office. He moved to the commander's conference room. "Evening," he said before taking a drink of his coffee.

Victor walked in not sure what to expect given this was their first official on ship meeting. He hoped there was food, but was sorely disappointed when there he wasn't. He tried to hide his pouting face and took his seat without a word.

Michael looked over at Victor. "Hungry too?" he asked as he looked at the pouting man's face with a chuckle. "Meetings never have any kind of food or drinks, " he said to Victor.

Ken was about to mention that the replicator on the wall was operational of Except, he remembered the lunch meeting he had with Reynolds and, well, honestly he just didn't want to deal with that sight again. "Okay gentlemen, we've got an assignment," he said as he put up the image of Morag Krin, a sallow skinned Talarian with hard, cruel eyes even in the mugshot photo projected on the screen. "Morag Krin somehow escaped from a maximum security - and secrecy - Federation installation several hours ago. He's a known associate of the Orion Syndicate and murderer, among other crimes. We've been tasked with finding him and returning him to custody."

"OH! The Orion Syndicate, such a lovey bunch of fellows." Victor said the sarcasm apparent in his voice."I bet if we give him a bouquet of roses he'll come nicely, he seems like a flower guy."

"I was thinking a box of chocolates, but flowers could be cheaper," Ken answered.

"Can they be plastic roses? To show our appreciation is eternal and never dying." Vic quipped.

"If you can find a way to make them out of stable thermite while passing rigorous explosive scans, feel free. But not on my ship," Ken answered.

"What do we have on him or know his relatives, love ones, his last mate, his last known address? Maybe the last one that seen him?" he said looking at his PADD taking a few notes.

"Considering the nature of the facility, in person visitation isn't an option. If there were teleconferences for visitation, I don't know yet. I'm waiting for a data packet to be sent from the prison facility - hopefully they'll also give us information on those he may have visited with. His lawyer was from Fremke and K'Rvan, as I'm sure you're all familiar with - they're not exactly known as being cooperative with law enforcement, considering we don't usually pay their exorbitant fees. Relatives will be in his file, but I don't recall there being anyone claiming that 'honor'. What we need to look at is where he might run as a member of the Syndicate and why he's left now. Hopefully we'll get something from the forensic team that will be sent to the crime scene."

Ken turned to the monitor, putting up an image of a Talarian female. "This, however, is his last known...girlfriend? Partner? Whatever she is, we've put the word out that he's out and she may be a contact. Security should be placing her under surveillance as we speak. If there's a hit there, they'll let us know."

"I agree we should watch his partner , he may go there see if we can get a bug in her place also " he said as he took notes " Did he run with a hold gang?, if he did we might need to scope them out also put the squeeze on them," he asked as he looked up from his PADD.

"Do we have any information on possible safe havens he could be hiding at?" Vic asked finally getting serious.

"There are few possibilities, one of which is a place called Pashta's. It appears to be an 'entertainment establishment' offering to fulfill several vices at once. I thought we'd go check that out when the time comes. Which will be as soon as we get the proper paperwork done."

Vic then smiled, indicating the serious tone was short lived,"Hypothetically speaking should someone get rowdy with us, can I accidentally fall into their face with my fist?"

"You'll have problems if it's 'accidental'," Ken said, with a slight smile. "We're a bit more proactive than most Starfleet assignments. We don't have to justify the use of force as much, since our jobs put us into the position to use force much more than an average crew. So, someone gets rowdy with you, you get rowdier right back. Just don't force them to watch you eat, I think that may be a violation of their rights."

"Damn, there goes my second tactic. Loudly eating a fully cooked ham in front of said prisoner."

"That order goes for your commanding officers as well," Ken said, smiling. "Okay, get ready to set out, we'll be leaving within half an hour."

"Aye sir." Victor responded.


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