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Before the official start of active missions for the USS Molon Labe.

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Included Missions


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Some of the crew of the Labe are given an assignment to retrieve a Starfleet officer who has had serious felony charges of kidnapping, slave trading, theft and dereliction of duty sworn out for his arrest.


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The Solarian Gateway has fallen. The Transwarp Conduits have been destroyed. The Delta Quadrant is cut off, once again. The crew of the Molon Labe will continue their mission to recapture wanted fugitives. Crime can run, but they'll only go to detention tired.


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Lieutenant Ken Lawe is pulled in from field operations to be given the bad news: he will now command a ship of his own - a fugitive retrieval/high risk extraction with occasional law enforcement assignments. It's what he's been doing but now he's the commander of an entire unit. Which wouldn't be so bad except Command was assigning him to patrol TF38 and the Delta Quadrant.

Now, with a ship to get fit and ready and a crew to bring aboard, the newly promoted Lieutenant Commander has a lot on his plate but a whole new quadrant of adventure waiting in front of him and his crew.