The Sim

A Note about management of the Molon Labe simm:

While I understand that it is pretty much standard and accepted that simulations are run mission to mission - sometimes collected together into 'seasons', or not.

Here, the Molon Labe will be doing something slightly different as well. In order to make it easier, and more intriguing, there may be several 'missions' being undertaken at once.

For example, the ship itself may be doing contraband inspections while Fugitive Team Alpha is on Cirrilion IV tracking down a fugitive and Fugitive Team Bravo is assisting a Mallorian colony in transporting several high profile criminals. Meanwhile the Magistrate is presiding over a court case prosecuted and defended by those various characters.

For this reason, there may be several missions running at once, but that does not mean all players should feel as if they need to keep track of all those missions, or even participate in all of them. They will need only concern themselves with the missions in which they are logically involved.

Of course, there may be happenings that will involve the entire crew at once. When this happens, the players will be informed and the missions will trickle down to just the one or two necessary for those occurrences.

This will allow a greater flexibility and ease to keep everyone involved in some aspect of the mission while also moving missions along at the pace they need to move.