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Chief Warrant Officer Curither Bran

Name Curither Bran

Position Bravo Team Leader

Second Position Security Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (joined)
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 220
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall, muscular and obviously Trill, Bran has a generally serious appearance. While he's served for far longer as a 'Fleeter' he still considers himself a Marine at heart.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Keatyn Iedorth
Mother Liadin Iedorth
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Various cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.
(soon to be Betazoid in-laws as well)
Strengths & Weaknesses Curither has a strong background in the liberal arts, from his dual Master degrees in History and Philosophy, to a better than average knowledge of astrophysics and shuttle engineering and operations. He believes strongly in the opportunities and advancements that come with the Corps, in some cases maybe taking the Corps too seriously. He seeks out adventure and thrills, always willing to try out something new even if it may seem dangerous.

Weaknesses: An adventure lover as a child, Curither dreamed of growing up to face the challenges he found in his hero stories and smuggled comic books – much to the displeasure of his mother. When he should have been studying advanced calculus, he would build sheet forts in his room or dream of the mythological days of his planet and joining the mythic heroes on great journeys. In some ways he still retains the love of adventure and thrills, and the desire to be part of the great battles that will become mythic in the years and decades to come. His years of needing to hide this from his mother, and her domineering, has also made him somewhat reserved about his own personal life, to the point where he may come across as cold and uncaring.
Ambitions Bran sees ways for the Corps to improve and become relevant in its own right – rather than merely a stepchild of the Federation. He seeks out opportunities for this, looking for new programs or training that will help further his career so that he can better the Corps. This attitude has carried over to his service in Fleet. In the same vein, he still seeks out those assignments that offer the best in thrills and adventure.
Hobbies & Interests Bran still loves adventure stories. He has a large collection of action oriented holonovels and holodeck programming. When not able to participate in that, he keeps up on philosophical journals and texts, reads about new archaeological and historical discoveries. He’s contemplating working on a doctorate in either History or Philosophy. His philosophical interests lie in the Terran Teutonic systems (such as Kant, Heidegger, Nietzsche), the Trill self-actualization philosophers and early Vulcan systems. Recently, due to his posting at Starbase 623 he’s been reading more Cardassian and Bajoran philosophical texts.
Bran enjoys skydiving, cliff jumping, rock climbing, white water rafting – anything that provides excitement and a thrill.
Aside from that, he also enjoys gardening, culinary arts, architecture and learning new weapon systems, and the ‘typical’ Marine pursuits of fitness, hand to hand training and weapons training.
He's also learning how to train and raise a well adjusted, well behaved dog.


Personal History Keatyn and Liadin met as Trill initiates. During the training they fell in love knowing they were competing against each other for limited available symbiotes. It didn’t stop them from becoming married, knowing there was a chance that one, or both, would be joined and would become a different person. Neither was selected, however.

After giving birth to their only child, Curither, Liadin determined that he would not fail in the joining like his parents. Before he could walk, she began working toward making him the perfect choice for joining. To that end she began pushing him into advanced classes, training him in the Trill piano and ubahg (a Trill stringed instrument closely resembling a violin) as well as enrolling him in formal dance classes, as well as participation in athletic sports – both individual and team sports. She also had him taking advanced classes to round out his education.

While his father disagreed with the constant activity of his son, he couldn’t convince Liadin that her efforts were misguided and harmful. Keatyn's parental role became less and less until he was only around as an occasional ally for Curither against his mother.

Curither, however, rebelled in ways he could. He didn’t care for the math and science lessons from his mother. Instead he spent much of his time reading mythic historic stories, or comics that his friends would help smuggle to him. He dreamed of adventure and travelling among the stars having adventures rather than plodding along learning trigonometry or calculus, or even astrophysics. His history lessons were turned into flights of fancy with battles with monsters and alien races.

When he’d have to write book reports, he’d fill them with biographies of the authors and the philosophical ramifications of the author’s live and environs on the works. This was problematic in his early grade levels as he would write deep treatises on children’s books (for example, if a Terran child, he would have denounced “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as a biased account of prejudice and bigotry). While it inspired his teachers, it infuriated his mother and only made her crack down harder on her ‘willfully disobedient’ son.
However, Curither wasn’t ‘willfully disobedient’, but almost the complete opposite. No matter how much he hated all the activities and lessons, he obediently did them.

He was a reclusive and muted child with very few friends, all of which were academically minded like Curither. His mother didn’t approve of the few athletic friends he tried to make, referring to their influence as ‘disruptive’ as she did not view them as ‘serious enough’ to be around her child. Liadin wouldn’t allow her child to participate in athletics – considering it a distraction from his academic studies – if it weren’t for the need to be ‘well rounded’ as an Initiate. As he grew older, his participation in team sports was reduced until at the end, his mother only allowed him to work on those sports where his individual achievements would be place in the foreground. Curither became a wrestling champion as well as a high ranking track and field and hoverball. He was able to convince his mother to allow him to take up fencing as it was a ‘gentleman’s sport’, though it was low on her list of priorities and he was never able to consistently place in competitions.

Liadin’s efforts paid off as Curither was chosen as an Initiate. He was considered an able candidate who easily moved through his testing phase but he dreaded the field studies. He admired famous joined Trills such as Kurzan Dax for his legendary free spiritedness but dreaded having someone like him as a field observer. Curither wasn’t considered a stand out candidate but managed to get a grudging recommendation to advance to the next phase.

His mother was pleased but cautiously so because he still needed to pass the last tests. In the end, he was placed into an alternate program. He had been judged unworthy of a mature symbiont, as the Symbiosis Commission judged that his personality would be completely subsumed by a symbiont rather than an equal merging. Instead, he was to be given the chance to be selected by a juvenile symbiont – a symbiont that had never been joined prior.

The Bran symbiont found a kindred spirit in Curither as Bran wanted to seek out adventure and thrills in the galaxy. Liadin was thrilled to find that she had succeeded and all her efforts were proven worthwhile and her son would be joined. She immediately began placing applications for Curither to top firms and institutes around Trill. Curither was accepted to the Trill Science Ministry and as an adjunct professor of Philosophy at the Trill University as well as an appointment to Starfleet Academy.

The Symbiosis Commission seemed to be correct in that Curither’s personality underwent a radical shift. He was more confident and assertive and the rift between mother and son that had always existed but Curither kept trying to bridge widened. Curither rejected the offers that came about because of his mother’s efforts. Instead, he enlisted in the UFP Marine Corps. His mother threw a fit upon discovering his enlistment and threatened to cut off all relations with Curither if he didn’t immediately resign and follow her plan for his life.

With the strength of character given him by his joining, he walked out of his childhood home with just a bag of his clothing and prized collection of holonovels and reported for basic training. He and his father keep in regular contact but Bran rarely communicates with his mother. Those conversations are usually short, tense and fraught with unresolved anger. As a result of his childhood upbringing and joining, he is no longer close with his family. He has found a surrogate family in the Corps that fulfills the familial needs he may still have.

Because of his mother’s rejection of his new being, Bran has yet to reveal the full depth of his new life since the joining. For instance, he has yet to reveal that he’s been in a relationship since shortly after graduating boot training.

After bootcamp and AT training, Bran's advanced degrees and embracing the Marine lifestyle made him natural to be tapped for leadership positions. He was quickly promoted up to corporal through various assignments and made a team leader. As a corporal and along with his team and company, was assigned to an admiral's flagship. During this time, and due to an ongoing crisis aboard the ship, Bran's actions aboard brought him to the attention of the admiral and made him – and his team – selections for a Joint Operating Task Force, whereby Marines where to be cross trained in Security procedures in order to combine Marine combat experience with Starfleet Security needs. For this Bran and the others in the JOTF were 'loaned' to the Fleet.

As a newly minted PO1, Bran joined the admral's security team where he continued to outshine others. After another attack, by a rogue agency determined to bring down Starfleet and the admiral personally, the security forces aboard the ship were decimated, including most of the security senior staff. Bran was thrown into the role of protecting the admiral at the risk of his own life. During the conflict, Bran was shot and was officially dead before the efforts of the ship's CMO was able to bring him back.

In appreciation for his efforts, the Admiral field promoted him to Chief Warrant Officer and gave him the security chief position aboard his ship. While Bran was excelling in the position – while dealing with the mutiny from the remaining officers in the security department, it was taking a toll on his personal life. His relationship was deteriotating and refusing to deal with psychological damage from his last mission as a corporal drove him to drink. Soon he found himself drinking nearly all the time, including on duty shifts. His lover eventually left him, breaking off their engagement.

This started a downward spiral into depression and self-destructive behavior. This culminated in his last mission with the admiral. A classified lab on a remote planetary science outpost had created a biological weapon that went out of control. The virus, while intending to pacify a population instead created mindless automotans bent only on killing others while spreading the virus. The virulent rate of the virus meant that if it ever got off the planet, it could spread quickly, decimating the population of the galaxy.

Bran led his security team to protect the scientists tasked with retrieving the data from the planet. On the planet, however, several of his team were infected, forcing Bran to put them down in order to keep them from possibly spreading the virus. Several more of his team would die on this same mission. After obtaining the data, Bran took the data modules, placed them into tricobalt photons and shot both at the planet, destroying it and all research into the virus, ensuring that it wouldn't be recreated 'by accident'.

However, forced to personally kill his own men (even if it was their requests) was the final straw. Already teetering on the edge, Bran was pushed over and became suicidal. His suicide attempt was botched when he tried to kill the symbiote first. Before he could finish the job, he was found by his former partner and then placed into confined therapy for several months. The therapy was eventually successful, if not personally enjoyable. He was returned to active service, with privisos to continue counseling and medication. The upshot was that, while healing from his issues he was able to reignite his relationship. The only problem was, he never brought up nor successfully dealt with the original trauma that started his slide.

Reassigned to a starship as a senior security officer, he returned to admirable service, where he was then tapped to become chief of security for a starbase. However, personality conflicts – and bigotry – arose between him and the vice admiral in charge of the base causing Bran to ask for reassignment.