Prax Aldan

Name Prax Aldan

Position Chief Prosecutor

Second Position Chief Prosecutor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 376/49

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 101kg
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Stoic nordic features, craftsman's hands and a tendency towards a pleasant smile. He's as disarming sort, even if the spots of Trill physiology don't mesh well with his pale complexion.


Spouse Alva Dawyn
Children Tobas and Tolsoni
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) Only Child
Sister(s) Only Child
Other Family Various relatives on either side of the family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A man for whom the law is all that matters: it is the very fabric that keeps the world's aligned, and stops the universe from coming apart at the seams. This has led him to abandon his legal practice on Earth, and his two legal partners, to pursue a career chasing down those who would make a mockery of all he holds dear.
Strengths & Weaknesses With over 350 years of experience under his belt with the experiences of the Aldan symbiote, Prax is less like a prosecutor and more like an entire legal team rolled into one. This has led him being referred to as a workaholic, and he referring to anyone else as a slacker.

His biggest weakness is that work ethic. If you're not pulling ahead of him you're slowing him down. He tends to use the crutch of a couple of hundred years of experience to mask a great deal of arrogance.

He is also deathly afraid of heights.
Ambitions To die in the saddle, legal writ in one hand, and a glass of single malt in the other.
Hobbies & Interests Botany. He's an avid gardener and hobbyist Xeno botanist with a peculiar fascination with fungi. This is a quirk shared by his wife.


Personal History Prax the unjoined Trill had joined Starfleet about the same time as a certain William T Riker. Both rose through the same classes, attended the same seminars, yet Prax was drawn more towards the legal framework that kept the Federation going as opposed to go out into space and taping it back together again.

When graduation came Riker was assigned to the USS Potemkin, whereas Prax was shuffled into the lower ranks of Starfleet's Judge Advocates Office. And it was there he spent ten years of his life quietly advancing in rank and skill, never once considering returning to Trill to undergo testing to see if he was compatible for a Symbiote. His was a quiet life of a monk refining his art.

That was until Halik Alden was murdered.

Halik had been thrown from the tenth storey window of an old highrise in San Fransico. And whilst his body was pronounced legally brain dead, enough function remained to keep the Alden symbiote alive for a short time. A suitable host had to be found, and whilst Prax was not ordered to undergo an invasive medical procedure, it was explained to him the potential repercussions.

The loss of hundreds of years of knowledge was one thing, but as the District Attorney for Los Angeles County pointed out, their only living witness was in there.

It was a shock when Prax Aldan discharged themselves from the hospital and charged into the crime scene like a man possessed. He took crime scene holograms, evidence records, secondary witness testimonies and dived into a grumbling fugue state that left a few wondering if the Aldan symbiote was alright.

"They've got this all wrong. Suicide my ass!" he said after a day, as he laid out the beginnings of a mystery that resulted in a joined Trill merchant tycoon being thrown from an Old Earth highrise to ensure his nephew got to inherit the family business, but the next Trill to hold the Aldan symbiote.

Since then Prax Aldan has been a firebrand of a Prosecutor, seeing those who break the law as having personally affronted him in some manner. Then again he also see's the people who slow him down as being only slightly better.

May God have mercy on the soul of anyone who gets in his way.
Service Record Starfleet Acadmey
Starfleet JAG: Luna. (Un Joined)
Starfleet JAG: Alpha Centuari.(Un Joined)
Starfleet JAG: Earth (Joined)


Notes The laws is all, its letters a sollom vow taken by those who wish to see it upheld.
To dishonour it in any way, is to dishonour the very idea of civilisation.