1. This sim is rated at PG-16. That means that no player under the age of 16 is allowed to join the simm. Anybody found to be in violation of this rule shall be immediately removed from the simm: no questions, no appeals, no excuses. It also means that all content posted on this simm must conform with common standards suitable for anyone down to the age of 16. If you can write that gory, sexually tense, profanity laced post then you can do it in a way that will not violate the PG-16 rating of this simm.

2. This is a Star Trek role playing simulation and will remain so. Elements from other fictional worlds (well-known or not) will not be allowed into this simm. So no, you cannot receive your letter to the Academy at the age of 11 or have quarters that are 'larger on the inside'. And yes, the CO is aware that 'vibroblade' is a common euphemism for “lightsaber”. Any new tech introduced must be probable AND consistent with some form of Star Trek (excluding the Abrams abominations).

3. In keeping in line with the simm's rating, strong language will not be tolerated. If it can't be found in ancient theological or philosophical texts, then it will not be found on the simm. Excessive, deliberate or abusive disregard of this rule can result in an immediate expulsion from the simm. Again, if you're good enough to be able to argue the usage then you're good enough to not use it.

4. Respect other players. We are all here for a hobby, a game, a good time. Disrespecting other players is not a hobby, a game or a good time. If you think so, then find the Reality TV Show simulations and join them. This does not mean you have to like your fellow players but you will be civil and you will not make comments, however snide or veiled, regarding other players. Respecting your fellow players also means not making frivolous, abusive or ridiculous complaints against your fellow players. Further, the simm administration will make it the first question asked whenever ANY complaint against a fellow player is filed to be: “What did you do to try to resolve this complaint?” If you cannot answer this question do not file the complaint!

5. The simm CO does not tolerate bigotry in ANY form! None. Whatsoever. I don't care your reasoning. Player characters created with animosities against other species, races or beings will be tempered in that they will be able to act professionally despite any personal feelings. Additionally, any OOC examples of bigotry will be dealt with most harshly. This will apply to any and all forms of bigotry. This will also cover harassment, hazing or sexual harassment against fellow players. Make sure to remember, every time you hit the 'save' button, it creates a record that can be used against you so you will not get away with violations of this rule.

6. Characters are the property of the player character. It is considered to be their intellectual property for all intents and purposes and will not be used by others without prior, written, agreed upon authorization. Except, in cases where a player may leave the simm in the middle of a mission where the character has been active, the simm administration reserves the write to direct the actions of the now inactive characters in order to remove them from the simm in any manner the CO authorizes.

7. NPCs are of two types. General NPCs are made to be generic and general. They are in use by any member of the simm. However, their usage should be consistent with prior usage. Personal NPCs or PNPCs are considered the property of the creating or owning player and are subject to all rules and regulations regarding a player's actual character. Any unauthorized use can result in disciplinary action taken against the violator.

8. The creation of NPCs is subject to approval by the Department Head for the department in which that NPC is created. Any player wishing to create an NPC (NPC or PNPC) in a department must first obtain permission from that department's chief player. If none are available then the default permission goes to the next level of the chain. Department Heads have complete authority in this area and may deny the creation of NPCs within their department within reasonable guidelines. Any such denial will be memorialized in written form to the requesting player and will have substantive reasoning behind the denial. This authority for approval of NPCs shall be considered to supersede the authority of even the simm CO; except in any cases of deliberate abuse of this authority.

9. Players will be required to post at least once every 2 weeks. JPs and substantial personal logs will count toward this post count. Failure to follow posting regulations may result in strikes being issued. If it becomes a problem to meet this requirement is in incumbent upon the player to inform the simm administration as soon as possible. A post facto excuse for missing posting requirements will not be a viable defense. The simm CO reserves the write to modify/suspend posting requirements as the CO deems fit.

10. Any players agreeing to and engaging in a JP are required to update tags at least once every 72 hours. Failure to update tags to your character within that time frame will result in the freeing of other players to write around the stagnant player. Any complaints regarding these actions will be viewed in a manner most favorable to the participating players. Simply put, update your tags in a timely manner and communicate with your fellow JP players any problems you may be having doing so.

11. Subplots, submissions and other events that will have a significant impact on a character's ability to react to planned mission parameters will be communicated and, if necessary, submitted for approval to the simm administration. This does not mean posts that are designed for character building, but any posts that have a chance to impact the simm as a whole. Most likely the idea will be approved (because the CO is kind of crazy when it comes to allowing players to play) but the simm administration wants to be kept informed.

12. The simm CO reserve the right to edit any posts deemed necessary due to grammatical errors, obsessive profane language, sexual content, demeaning content, content that violates the guidelines aforementioned above. Different methods of spelling such as color and colour will be excused.

13. Starting ranks are determined by the simm administration and are negotiable only by creating an appropriately detailed character bio that justifies a higher starting rank. A player may also request a lower rank for character purposes.

14. This simm will make use of ranks, rates, ratings and billet assignments. Players will accept this (character actions may be elsewise by approval of all players involved and will not spill over into OOC relationships). Department head positions may be filled by Chief Warrants and yes, they will have authority over any officers that may be in that department. Deal with it. Additionally, some departments on the simm may be run by civilians. If such, they will be afforded all the same rights and responsibilities, as well as courtesies, of any military department head.

15. The simm CO loves Marines. However, no Marine character may hold authority higher than, or other than, Marine CO and/or second officer. Any Marine player wishing to be in charge of any other department or above 2/O will need to change to Fleet status in some reasonable, rational and CO approved manner.